A Call To Arms

Enough is enough is enough! If you are an adult, a law abiding citizen, not prone to temper tantrums, pay your bills on time, posses stable mental health and are concerned about maintaining our civilization, then please, if you can, your country needs you, we need you, to take up and carry arms.

Every state now has carry laws, we KNOW more Americans are armed as they go about their day. The position that people are incapable of managing their lives with the addition of firearms for defence has proven to be false. If you are hip to the history then you know that virtually all disarmament laws are based in racism. The truth is that the Irish, the Italian, the Blacks, Latinos, and Asians have all been targeted at one time or another as ‘the set of people society must disarm’. More and more Americans, even the non PC, are awaking to the fact that  the laws meant to disenfranchise a segment of the population, given time, will be used against the public as a whole. If you are ignorant of the historical record no matter. Where ever the idea originated, the Fabian Society, the Brady Campaign, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, or Handgun Control Inc, the important thing to remember is the claim, that Americans can’t be trusted to carry arms, has proven to be a completely and totally false.

The damage and disaster that the Campaign to Destroy the 2nd Amendment promotes as reasons to disarm the citizenry, exist only in potential, not reality. They are unwilling to embrace the truth, they deny the fact that the bloodbath they predicted, the negative outcomes they continually claim will be the result of allowing the public to rearm itself has never come to pass. Time and again the anti’s nightmares have failed to materialize. The evidence doesn’t change their mind, the facts have failed to change their belief. The annoying thing about fanatics is their simple denial of truth if it fails to support the promotion of their cause. A small example, a recent op-ed from The Atlantic, an interview with a gun banner yielded the statement ” It just makes sense that if people are walking around armed, you’re going to have a high rate of people shooting each other”. Yet as more and more Americans walk around armed, we find a lowering in the rate of people shooting each other. Another from the same article. “It’s the temptation of the moment. I just think the opportunity is there to create more violence.” Yet the opportunity and the sense they are so fond of has not been matched by actuality.

The violence they continuously predict has yet to materialize. People with carry permits are not getting into arguments about parking spaces and having shootouts. Gun battles are not erupting at the checkout line, the salad bar, or the hair salon. Fast food restaurants are not bathed in blood. The prediction that more armed civilians means more gun violence is demonstrably false. What HAS failed is the creation of “Predator Friendly Zones”. Trying to secure schools, movie theatres, shopping malls, etc by disarming the public HAS NOT WORKED. Taking away the tools we use to defend ourselves, to defend our family and friends, to defend our neighbours, DOES NOT WORK. You don’t reduce the damage from a spree killer by disarming the public anymore than you reduce traffic fatalities by banning seat belts and airbags. Yet this is the logic the gun prohibitionists use to justify their attempts to disarm us.
The future they prophecy is not real. The deaths they cause as they bitterly cling to their failed ideology are becoming more apparent, easier to count, while the blood on their hands is becoming harder to hide.

They will not modify their beliefs, against all evidence and reason. Their efforts are why we NEED those competent adults who are able to exercise this civil liberty, to do so. There are personal benefits beyond safety, when you decide to carry a weapon for defensive use, you start thinking in a different manner. Making an adult decision in one area carries over into other aspects of your life. The secret is this, that Adulthood is no harder than Immaturity, and there are certain satisfactions that can only be gained by living as an adult. Please note that firearms are not magical wands.  Guns are tools, and share both the advantages and downsides of all mechanical devices. Seek out and get training, especially if you have never owned or fired a gun. If you are willing to learn you can achieve proficiency almost as quickly as you can make time to train. Nationally there are about as many traffic fatalities as there are lethal shootings (all categories), the good news is that gun safety is both easier to learn and easier to practice, than auto safety. If every new gun owner follows the rules for safe gun handling, the percentage of accidental shootings will not increase.

Try to forget EVERYTHING you have ever seen about firearm usage on television or in the movies.

I wish the world was different, that humans were different, that insanity could not combine with violence. I wish that good intentions were evenly yoked with rational thought. Although some of the forces working to disarm the public are secretly predators, I think most of the people who wish to ban guns are sincere in their good intentions , they just haven’t figured out that what they really want to ban is violence. Murdering kids is insane, sadly given the Obama Administrations policies of ‘Ban Gun Zones’ it is between hard and next to impossible to defend Americas children from insane killers.

There is talk that one way to secure our schools and protect our children is by providing armed guards at ever school in the nation. We provide armed protection for our banks, government offices, even sporting events, and begs the question why don’t we use armed guards to secure the population we hold most precious? The argument is simple and correct, as far as it goes. Most children are on holiday vacation, this gives us ample time to find and hire armed security so each school has at least one armed guard when the kids come back from X-mas break. Objections that we don’t have funds set aside to pay for armed security, although true, aren’t relevant , most local governments have a little money to spare to get the ball rolling and by the time the money runs out most places will develop ways to keep the money rolling in. Support for this plan makes sense.

However there is a way to achieve an even HIGHER LEVELS of security ABSOLUTELY FREE!
If the Obama Administration announces that any parent or teacher, who owns a gun and possesses a carry permit, will not be prosecuted by federal statute for bearing arms on school grounds. That bearing arms is an inalienable right protected at the Federal level, and therefor overturns local statutes that ban carrying arms on school ground. Overturn and declare void all the laws that are used to make current permit holders criminals if they choose to face arrest rather than attend their kids funeral, for simply carrying in school. A behaviour that does not interfere with the rest of their day, and is in practice so common, so unremarkable as to be mundane. By allowing these parents the free exercise of our right to bear arms, in service to protect their children we protect their classmates as well.

It’s a win win=)

Sadly Fanatics never stop.
Already the useful idiots and the moral imbeciles are using the Connecticut. shooting as justification for disarming the public.


The want us to ignore the math, to set aside the hundreds of defensive gun usage that occur on a daily basis in this country.


They hope that in our sorrow, in our fear, in the rage and nausea provoked by this horrible tragedy, that we  can be spooked and stampeded in giving back the gains we have won.


It is as simple as that.


We’ve already tried surrendering to government the authority (but not the responsibility), to protect us from violence and from criminal attacks. To make exercising force the purview of the ‘professional’ Law Enforcement Officer. By every measure that experiment has failed. The readjustment required is lagging behind in schools, movie theatres, shopping malls, etc., with disastrous results.

These tragedies will continue, until we have taken all of the Predator Friendly, Victimization Zones back from the state. Even then insane humans will attempt  horrific acts.
WE MUST MAKE sure we block as many as possible.
WE MUST STOP giving aid and comfort to the maniacs and spree killers,
WE MUST STOP labeling our softest targets as Victim Disarmament Zones.
WE MUST MAKE every psychotic, every criminal worry that there is no safe place for their violence and criminal behaviours. That violent acts will be met by deadly force from the hands of a regular person.
WE MUST MAKE every violent person understand that while suicide may remain easy, mass murder and suicide is so difficult it never works.
WE MUST REMEMBER we cannot eliminate psychosis and psychotic breaks with legislation.


WE ARE NOT going to waste time and energy on these ‘already tried’ and ‘already failed’ non-solutions.
WE ARE NOT going to ban guns.
WE ARE NOT going to ban ammunition,
WE ARE NOT going to limit magazine capacity,
WE ARE NOT going to have 15 day waiting periods,
WE ARE NOT going to treat gun ownership as a disease,
WE ARE NOT going to regulate guns as we regulate toys,
WE ARE NOT going to limit gun purchases to one a day,
WE ARE NOT going to ban firearms for looking scary,
WE ARE NOT going to require arsenal permits,
WE ARE NOT going to mandate trigger locks,
WE ARE NOT going to ban ‘assault’ rifles,
WE ARE NOT going to pretend the 2nd amendment is about hunting
WE ARE NOT going to penalize the sane for the acts of the crazy,

There are already mechanism’s and laws in place to identify and hospitalize those who are a danger to themselves and others. We don’t need to give the state and the mental health industry more power in this regard. I hope enough people realize that 99.999% of mental patients are not dangerous, they are ill, and for the most part they are more scared of you than you should be of them. Regular life beats them up enough, we don’t need to increase their burden. The only thing that might change that is if we label and treat them as if they were monsters instead of sick people. The 00.001% of the mentally ill who are violently dangerous cause enough tragedy, we don’t need to increase their number. This brings up a salient point, one of the stressors that is thought to contribute/cause mental illness is perceiving a lack of control of ones destiny, of not owning ones life. If we as a society could lessen the burden of those citizens who might be predisposed to dysfunction, by say the populace retaking control of America, that would free up the already scarce resources that are presently stretched trying to help the current population of those needing mental health help. Just a idle thought.

There are 10,000 gun control laws already on the books that don’t work because criminals break the law, it’s kind of in their job description. The only people penalized by these laws are the people these laws were supposedly to protect.

Historically new legislation’s only measurable result is to cause ‘friction’ in the lives of law abiding citizens seeking protection.
It does nothing in regards to preventing this kind of tragedies.
The American people have woken, a majority understand that when seconds count the police are minutes away.
That gun ban legislation does not deter criminals, does not reduce assaults by the criminal or the  insane and violent.
That gun ban legislation in fact empowers the dangerous and predatory.

The Fanatics will never stop.
So  we can never stop.

Attempts to ‘shame’ us will provoke pity.
Suggesting we are morally equivalent to this unsane predator will provoke contempt.
Attempts at confiscation will be met with appropriate levels of force.

Until we needn’t play by Waco vs Romanian Rules
Keep you Powder Dry Baby!!
Molon Labe!!!