Or do they go to far?*

These are the demands of We the People

1: Mandatory fire arm familiarization classes in all publicly funded elementry schools.

2: Mandatory inclusion of shooting sports in the sports programs of all publicly funded Jr. high and high schools.

3: Mandatory offers of free classes at the county level to allow all citizens to learn safe gun handling.

4: Mandatory programs allowing a responsible citizen to acquire one rifle, one shotgun, and 1 pistol or revolver of their choice, from the government at no cost to themselves.

5: Mandatory programs to ensure every citizen access to enough ammunition to promote the retention of their gun handling skills.

6:Mandatory programs to make firing ranges available to citizens by offering zoning and permit variances until there is 1 gun range for every 5,000. citizens.

7: Mandatory programs offering intensive training to the members of the traditional minorities in an attempt to undo the damage caused by government programs used to disenfranchise and disarm them.

8: Mandatory Regulation of the print news media:
All businesses which derive the majority of their income by printing daily news reports shall report every defensive gun use on the front page for a minimum of 3 days following the initial report, during this time period any news story reporting criminal fire-arm usage will only be allowed to be printed past page 4.
Any and all news, editorial, or ‘op-ed’ of or related to a spree killing can only be printed once per day and only in the last section of the news paper.

9: Mandatory Regulation of radio and TV news media:
All businesses which derive at least 1/4 of their income by offering audio and or visual broadcast news on a daily or more frequent basis, or who broadcast any show that self identifies itself as a news, or current event, show shall be required to broadcast all accounts of defensive gun use as the lead story of each separate news show, or once an hour for so called ‘talk radio’ shows, for a minimum 3 days following the initial news report. Any news of or about a spree killing will only be mentioned once a day, and the report will only be allowed to use 30 seconds. Any news stories about a previous, already reported spree killing is disallowed without a special permit obtained from Home Land Security

10: All federal employees working for agencies not directly involved in law enforcement who are allowed to carry firearms on the job shall be required to take a proficiency test every 6 months, the successful completion of which is to be indicated by the display of a document and possession of an I.D. card attesting their certification. They shall display their I.D. card upon the request of any citizen. They shall also be required to carry their firearms openly if worn during the performance of their duties as an agent of the city, county, state or federal government.

I realize some of you pansies might be open to a compromise in the spirit of bipartisanship, and settle for the full restoration of our 2nd amendment inalienable enumerated in the constitution and granted by nature and nature’s god right to carry firearms whenever and wherever we choose. You need to grow a pair.

Should we limit ourselves to restoring constitutional carry for guns? Or should we keep pushing until our right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, home neighbourhood and country is recognized to apply not just to fire-arms but to all weapons including but not limited to all knives, swords, clubs, sprays, tazers, brass knuckles, weighted gloves, switchblades, spears, lawn darts, morning stars, throwing stars, caltrops, saps, batons, telescoping batons, telescoping batons hidden in mag-lights, mag-lights, flame throwers, grenades, shuriken, bolo’s, dirks, daggers, blowguns, cannon, warships, slings, slingshots, slungshots, trebuchet’s, quarter staff, 3-part staff, machetes, kukri, pool cues, briefcase nukes, bazooka’s, RPG’s, 40 watt plasma rifles, socks full of marbles, bowie knife, socks full of pennies, socks full of potatoes, pillow cases full of soda cans, garrotes, pointy sticks, bananas, elder berries, and…..

Just to be absolutely clear the absence from the above list of weapon’s shall not be construed to deny or disparage those others not listed from being protected by the inalienable right enumerated in the Constitution of the United States of America under the title of the Second Amendment.

Waco vs Romanian Rules!
Keep you Powder Dry Baby!!
Molon Labe!!!

*Going to far is one of those hard to judge terms. In Oklahoma, a pharmacist whose defence of himself and his fellow employees forced his entry into a gun battle with two would be armed robbers, went to far when, in the space of 45 second, he drove off one attacker and shot the other robber after coming back into the store. By shooting the already injured robber, the D.A. decided the pharmacist committed first degree murder. by “going to far”. I’ll leave the objections to this injustice as a lesson for the studious. I have yet to find the phrase, “going to far” in Oklahoma Statute, so I have been unable to find what the legal community thinks the phrase means.

In another instance, a trio of 8th grade boys who assaulted a sixth grade girl, stripped her clothes off, and taped a video of the beating that found it’s way onto you tube, was dismissed without any criminal proceedings, indeed without any arrests or presentation to a grand jury. The actions of the 3 teen aged boys was excused by the law, because, in the words of one of the boys parents, the threesome had just ‘gone to far’, in their conduct with the 11 year old girl.

So you can see the dilemma here.

Oops sorry! I have my polarities switched today, glad I caught it before going to the lavatory, that might have been embarrassing. On that last account reverse the genders, the 8th graders were girls and the victim was the boy. If you don’t remember the story, your memory isn’t slipping, this event was only in the news cycle for about a day.

Say do you think (pitifuldeludedskinsack) suffered, excuse me, enjoyed similar encounters when he was a boy? I wonder how much damage it might do to a persons psyche to not only be beaten, stripped, filmed, with the video accessible to the world, but to also have such indignities judged to be trivial by the society around him. I’m not claiming that (nameonlyreleventtotaxonomists) had this or any other traumatic episodes in his history I just wonder.