I was thinking about the badness of Human Trafficking when I had an epiphany and realized that the only thing that made the ‘white slave’ trade possible was civilian use of Doors, Locks, Chains, and Padlocks. If we could eliminate these items from our society then human trafficking would be impossible as any ‘slave’ would be free to walk away as soon as the Human Trafficker looked away. Clearly it is time that we have reasonable discussion about the common sense actions we as a society should take to ensure the HT’s are put out of business.

First we should define the problem, which is that doors and locks allow criminals to hide their criminal activity from the police. Ask any policeman and he will tell you that crack houses, gambling dens, chop shops, unlicensed daycare, bookleggers, tax cheats, deadbeat dads, in fact pretty much all criminals try to escape justice by committing their crimes behind locked doors. Talking about the problems with a spokesman of the Police Chief Association revealed that criminals were especially prone to using Prison Grade Chains and Locks, and High Density Solid Core doors and so called ‘dead’ or ‘death’ bolt locks, so called we are told because the hardware is so strong and impenetrable, that you will die of old age before you get past it. These HDSC devices are just impossible to get through quickly. That is why police have to use battering rams, and special hinging destruction shotgun shells if they need to get past these doors and locks quickly. We also learned that many criminals have stronger doors and locks than most public buildings, even most police stations are not as well equipped with doors and locks as good as these criminals and their fellow traveller privacy fanatics.

When you think about it, it makes you wonder about those people who put these PG Enhanced Locks and HDSC doors with deathbolts, and Industrial Strength Chains and PG padlocks on their lawn mowers, golf carts and other expensive to replace items, are they expecting a ‘Viking Raiding Party’? That is some insane paranoia, there haven’t been VRP’s for years. To me it just seems suspicious, I mean why do you need a PG  deathbolt lock and a HDSC door on your house, what are you trying to hide? Some irresponsible ignorant insane nitwits say that we ‘need’ HDSC doors and PG chains and locks to keep people from stealing our stuff, or assaulting us while we are asleep. That’s just stupid, everyone knows that keeping us safe from crime is what the police are for.  Also studies have shown that people who think they can keep criminals outside of their homes are usually locked into their homes with criminals instead. This was proven by the answers given on a random survey questionnaire from 1994.

Nobody is talking confiscations, we don’t need to go to extreme solutions and anybody who says that we want to eventually confiscate all the HDSC doors or PG Enhanced locks is a liar and probably an member of the ALO. There are some legitimate uses for chains and padlocks, even PG Enhanced padlock and PG chains, so we may not need to completely ban these items yet. But we shouldn’t pretend and buy the lie that chains and padlocks are used to keep ‘criminals’ from stealing your property. I personally had a trailer chained and padlocked to a tree, but that didn’t stop thieves from stealing it. So we needn’t pretend that chains and padlocks are actually useful to prevent theft. So for now, we should just require all sales of padlocks and chains be recorded in a national database.

You can use these talking points if you need to educate someone in a reasonable, common sense manner. That is one of the biggest reasons this is still an issue, it’s because people are ignorant. One you have taught them the truth they will support us. Further talking points that can be used to confront the lies of the Door and Lock lobbies, and the pernicious lies of the ALO are also solicited.

Studies show one of the appeals of ‘deathbolts’ is the name, further evidence that we need to keep these out of the wrong hands.

After we pass reasonable reforms regulating the use and possession of PG chains and locks based on these common sense observations, we still need to have a responsible conversation about the types of doors available to the general public. We should all agree that allowing HDSC steel and wood doors to be purchased by the public will result in more criminal usage.

We should enact legislation to close the ‘garage sale’ loophole, eliminating the private selling of PG Enhanced chains and padlocks to keep these enslavement devices from getting into the hands of human traffickers.

And then you have these morons who bring up the 4th amendment. Look the founding fathers had no idea when they wrote the Constitution what kinds of doors and locks we would have available today. Anyway the constitution is a living document that needs to be reinterpreted every now and then to keep pace with modern developments. Besides, a lot of the founders kept slaves, and what did they use? that’s right chains and locks.

Every once in a while you will see a spokes dummy from the putrid evil scummy American Lock Organization who will try to say that the purpose of these HDSC Enhanced Doors and special PG locks, especially ‘deathbolts’ is to keep the government from ignoring the 4th amendment. That’s just stupid, if the government wants to enter your house they are going to enter your house, it doesn’t matter what kind of Enhanced ‘doors’ and ‘locks’ you try to hide behind. Also we will never be able to overturn the fourth amendment because of the ALO fanatics. Yet we must keep our children safe. Since we can’t remove the 4th amendment outright our strategy should be to take it away a small piece at a time so it is not noticeable. That way the 4th amendment terrorists won’t be able to stop us.

I wish these ALO nitwit’s would actually read the 4th Amendment. No where does it say the restrictions  apply to the government. That’s why I’m a strict constructionist.

Thousands of children die each year because they lock themselves into junked refrigerators, this is just one more example of the damage caused by this evil Restraint Technology.

If we cared about children, we should declare our public schools Restraint Free Zones and put up signs announcing our policy so human traffickers won’t be able to kidnap our children because they won’t have their PG Enhanced chains and locks. We also need to enact a zero tolerance policy forbidding the use of so called bicycle chain locks, as these are used by gang’s as weapons. We should also put up a common sense policy allowing the school to expel any student who talks about locking someone up, or any use of certain words, lock, chain, etc. Also a student who is infected with knowledge about this evil ‘Restraint Technology’ learned it at home so we should notify the authorities about criminal restraint abuse.

Only a nitwit would think we would need to expose kids to restraints, as if we should treat kids the same way we treat prisoners, convicts have at least committed a crime, how can you justify exposing children to a prison environment, that’s just dumb.

It’s just common sense, the more doors and locks in an environment, the more opportunity exists to lock someone up, and that’s slavery. Plus what about all the kids who accidentally trap themselves, what if they have a medical emergency, what then?

Thinking you can use these so-called HDSC Enhanced doors with deathbolts without locking people out or trapping people in is like trying to lose weight by eating donuts, not going to happen.

Look the more of these chains and padlocks you allow in your society, the more potential there is to enslave people that’s just common sense.

There should be waiting periods for buying PG Enhanced deathbolts, how is an estranged spouse supposed to work out her marital problems if her husband can’t enter their home?

Hardware stores that sell PG Restraint chains and padlocks should be required to report any excessive purchases as the buyer might be engaged in human trafficking.

Some kid who is allergic to bees might accidentally lock themselves and get stung, and then die because of one of the ‘enhanced’ HDSC doors with a deathbolt is to difficult to open.

Nitwits claim that HDSC doors and locks are needed to prevent crime which is nonsense. Anyone who has every watched a movie set in the ghetto will notice all the doors and windows of the houses and liquor stores have bars and locks on them, but violent crimes are still a regular occurrence, this proves that so called ‘Restraint Technology’ is useless in stopping crimes.

How can we ever achieve social justice if we lock the poor away from our societies wealth.

Everyday thousands of people lock themselves out of their house, sometimes leaving small children unattended, there should be a law banning this criminal behaviour.

The same greedy locksmith that sells you a PG Enhanced lock and a HDSC door for your house will charge you AGAIN if you accidentally lock yourself out.

Locksmiths should be required to report houses where children are being abused by an adult negligently locking themselves away from the child.

In the interest of keeping our police and also our children safe, we should pass a law that requires giving the Police and the Fire Dept copies of all house keys. That way if you are having an emergency you will have a quicker response. Also this would eliminate the need for ‘No Knock’ Warrants’ which can be dangerous to the Police by warning the criminals the police are coming to arrest them.

These are just a few of the things that need to change so we can enter a classless society of goodness where everyone one owns everything, and there are no locks and no doors. People will live their lives by the principles of from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs.

2013.JAN.15 Made a few edits for grammar and extended xor changed the wording on a few of the points feedback suggested could use a little clarity.