A common human response to failure is to ‘double down’ on both justification and implementation of an idea, instead of looking for a new reality based solution that might actually work. This is one reason we are seeing the resurgence of various already tried and failed reduce violence by disarming citizens proposals from the gun banners.
I’ve label these proposals

Symbolic False Hope Gun Restriction Control laws.

Symbolic because we already know that these are useless ideas. We know because these proposals have already been tried, many if not most at a regional level. After these laws have been in place long enough to judge effectiveness, or we need to check results because the law has expired, we have found 1 of 3 different outcomes. Violent crime has increased, violent crime has remained the same, violent crime has decreased, but at the same or slower rate of neighbouring polities who did not enact the gun restriction laws in question.
The ‘assault weapons’ ban did nothing to decrease the already low number of crimes committed while using a rifle, scary looking or otherwise. Yet part of the proposal offered by President Obama to reduce gun violence is to re-implement this does nothing useless law.
I use the scary looking assault weapons ban proposal in the hope that most readers will be familiar with it. Investigate any of the gun ban proposals advanced over the last 100 years and you will find results ranging from clearly a failure to any impartial judge to no positive attributable effect because these proposals are not based on ‘common sense’ but superstitious ideology.
Every Single Time.
That these proposals are failures is verifiable by anyone, even politicians, if they posses a little common sense, some basic math skills, and an internet connection.
Trying to enact these useless proposals must serve a different purpose than upholding their oath of office.
Symbolism, of the ideological/mystical variety is all that is left.

Allowing these same old tired, been there, done that, nothing changed proposals to advance unchallenged is a tactical error. To anyone ignorant of the already tried and failed nature of these positions, each is yet another platform to build hope.

Since these efforts are useless, these hopes are false.

The danger is that these failures of false hope can only fan the flames of fanaticism.

Already a disturbing response in the assertions of the gun grabbers that if the Newtown shooting upsets the American public enough to result in gun confiscation, then the mass murder accomplished some good. This supportive attitude is one small step from engaging in violent action to create a greater atrocity, hoping to enact their political goals.

Bonus Points available for investigating domestic terrorism in America from today back as far as you can go. Pay attention to the identities and memberships of those who advocated the mass murder of innocents in attempting to use terror as a tool for political change.

Waco vs Romanian Rules!

Keep you powder dry baby!!

Molon Labe!!!