I have been mulling over the idea of creating a Question and Answer document that I could use to store common questions and answers I have encountered during my quest for the truth about guns. I have been hesitant because of an experience I had while attending NCTC. This little 18 year old chicka, hearing some of us talk about firearms and politics proffered the assertion that guns were bad.

I returned with ‘gun control is a 100 pound women in a fist fight with a 200 pound rapists.

She volleyed back with ‘But my mother was raped and she still doesn’t believe guns are the answer, and anyway I don”t believe in private gun ownership because I am a strict Constitutional constructionist.

At which point I experienced an brain aneurysm, barely managing to mumble, see you in class as I fled the scene. I had no clue about how to deal with that level of ignorance and irrationality. I’ve always felt a little guilty for not sticking to my ‘guns’ and continuing the conversation.

So if you employ any of these straight forward observations whilst debating the role of guns in society, never forget that some of your interlocutors will have the intellectual prowess of a bowl of Ramen noodles and the common sense of a block of wood.


Q: Why do you need 8 guns.

A: Different situations require different tools.

This can be made to cover many real life examples e.g.

A: For the same reason one needs an insurance policy covering your car, and a different policy insuring ones house and yet another policy covering their health.

A: For the same reason carpenters need more than a hammer and chisel in their toolbox.