A reply to William Maxwell’s commet

Nearly endless magazines make sense if your experience with firearms is from Hollywood. In the real world, pulling the trigger in a ‘spray and pray’ means your weapon is empty in seconds. Spray and pray is essentially wasted ammo in terms of actually hitting a target.

Nice try with the refocus from ‘assault weapon’, which is an essentially meaningless term, with ‘assault features’ which is an essentially meaningless term, unless your a special effects tech, see above. Firearms move projectiles down a tube at a high velocity, the devices moving projectiles at low velocities are called sling shots. As a threat to public health, rifles, with or without scary looking ‘assault features’ kill less people than swimming pools.

Also good try with the reasonable 7 to 10 round limit. To understand why your ‘reasonable’ limit is unreasonable research LA riots, Hurricane Katrina, and other breakdowns of essential services that caused American’s to be glad their rifles had standard capacity magazines.

You are so close to an actual understanding of the various factors, you recognize that securing targets with visible security has caused spree killers to move to softer targets. Your attempts to dismiss as a ‘non-starter’ the NRA position that more guns means less violence dismisses what has worked in state after state, demonstrated each time laws restoring legal carry by regular people have passed. The threat assessment created by this environment, where every potential victim must be considered a potential threat, decreases the probability that psychotics and other violent criminals will choose these areas when targeting choices are made. Again this is the only thing that has worked to curtail spree killers in all the other areas of American life, it is infuriating that our schools are among the last places to act upon this knowledge.

As to painting us (the NRA) as extremists unwilling to compromise in restricting our civil liberties, what do you expect? We have found over and over the only thing that ‘compromise’ brings is renewed attack. Every single solution we are asked to accept as a compromise is either ‘solutions’ that have already been tried and failed, or ‘solutions’ that will not work. Which doesn’t mean they go away, the ideas of the ‘jackbooted thugs’ you mention are the same ‘reasonable compromises’ offered today. The spectacular crash and burn failure of allowing state actors a monopoly on lethal force in the late 80’s to early 90’s educated American citizens on what works and what doesn’t. Created a nationwide grass roots effort that has succeeded in restoring 2nd Amendment protection to the reasonable practice of keeping and bearing arms for self defense as we live our lives. So forgive us if we keep the lessons of previous years in mind, forced helplessness didn’t work to prevent violent attacks then and we would be stupid to believe it will work now.

Since, Newtown, I have been researching the various statistics proffered by the government, and the assertions of the various gun groups, both pro and con. I am not finished yet. But one thing that is becoming increasingly apparent is that the spree killers are abnormal when compared to the average armed citizen. That increasing the number of guns, gun owners, and legal carry by law abiding citizens has been accompanied by a reduction in violence.

Second, and I realize how strange this will sound to people who form their opinions by what they see in the news, analyzing deadliness by counting the number of deaths caused by various factors, demonstrates these mass murderers are failures who don’t murder masses.

With those 2 points in mind, why would any ‘reasonable’ person accept restrictions on the free exercise of our civil liberties. Seriously, look at the numbers, do the math. But until spree killers rival lightning strikes, I really don’t see a compelling argument to change ‘anything’. The efforts by the media and the various gun banning groups in attempting to panic Americans into needless change must be in service of other goals

Waiting to end the federal ban on responsible permit holding adults carrying in our public schools and other last few intentional soft targets in hopes of a really atrocious tragedy doesn’t change the underlying reality. You do not increase security with unilateral disarmament. As you say, the good sense of the American people will prevail. That has been the trend over the last 30 to 40 years and there is no sign of this changing, even in the face of the fear mongering of the media and the propaganda of the pro-victimization pro-death pro-helpless friends of spree killing mass murderers.
Until we don’t need Waco vs Romanian Rules anymore!
Keep your powder dry baby!!
Molon Labe!!!