Ask a biologist and they will confirm that the martial prowess of an organism is a key factor, indeed some claim the key factor Nature uses in determining an organisms worthiness to exist. These nonnegotiable environmental tests delineate the boundaries that define the process of natural selection.


     The 2nd amendment, one of the handfuls of civil liberties the founders thought merited special mention, protects the ownership and carry of arms. This practice gives us more options when confronted with deadly violence* which in turn increases the probability of our survival, which logically increases the odds of our genes being included in the ever changing Human Genome.
    Demanding we disarm and increase the vulnerability of our genetic legacy, goes against all the Laws of Ecology as we presently understand them, and has given rise to the colloquialism ‘Don’t Fisk with Mother Nature. Those who demand our unilateral disarmament in the face of this universal truth are clearly in defiance of Gaia’s law, and share the status of clear and present danger with all the other threats to our continued existence.

    This is one of those rare instances where scientific investigation must cede it’s primary role as arbitrator of rational societal discourse. Simple logic dictates the primacy of purpose in designating that protecting the gene pool has first priority.

     After we neutralize these ‘wannabe genocides’ we will have plenty of time for discussions to settle whether they should be listed with the extinct predators or be classified with the  extinct parasites

Be Measured.


*Paraphrase from  Sun Tzu’s The Art of War’

“…on dangerous ground maneuver, on deadly ground fight.

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p.s. this post is part of an experiment and may not represent the full range of my cosmological/theological/ideological and/or metaphysical world views.=)


Remember if you can’t see the fnord it can’t eat you