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RAW the Younger advised that when confronted with outright stupidity, check to see if the afflicted has stopped paying attention.

This is what is happening here. Lefty academics and student organizations are still infected by the delusion that violence is always wrong.

When confronted with the reality of the rape and/or assault epidemic on to many of  America’s college campuses, the leftist suffers buffer stack overflow, gets stuck in a loop of infinite regression…

…Rape is Violent, Violence is Evil, Evil must Stop, Rape is Evil, Rape must Stop, Guns Stop Rape with Violence, Violence is Evil, Evil causes Violence, Violence causes Rape, Rape is Violent, Violence is Evil, Evil must Stop, Rape is Evil, Rape must Stop, Guns Stop Rape with Violence, Violence is Evil, Evil Causes Violence, Violence causes Rape….

…and stops paying attention.

In the past, the administration wouldn’t address the problem, heck in the early days when people were first coming to realize a problem existed, the college administration couldn’t admit that violence, sexual or otherwise, existed on their campus, it wouldn’t be decent or proper.

This is another one of the times I truly hate the idea that God is an Iron.

The observation and activism that started changing college culture to address this problem came not from the administration. The changes were started when rape and/or assault victims and their friends and/or family banded together in Voluntary Random Associations for direct political action. That list of warnings didn’t originate with school administrators, it was created by victims of violence so steeped in the pacifistic ideology of their era they didn’t even realize defensive gun use existed as an option. For a movement that supposedly championed empowerment, they had some major blind spots.

How pocking ironic.

Blind spots exist because something blocks the view. In this case, the members of the pro-victimization anti-violent defense groups are blinded by their belief that all force is violence and all violence is evil. So the power to project force over distance is violent and evil. That since a gun is designed to project force over a distance, a gun is an inherently evil object, kinda like ‘the One Ring’. If evil guns did not exist, if we could just throw all of the evil firearms into a handy Chasm of Doom, the evil radiation radiating from the evil guns would no longer be able to seduce people to the Dark side of the Force*. Then we could all live in Peace and Harmony in the trees with the Ewok’s in the Ewok Forest, and we would all live happily ever after.

The End**

Sarcasm aside this position is provably real. You can find and read the digitized essays, pamphlets, and position papers of the various pacifist movements from it’s beginning in 1901 to present day online. Don’t take my word for it, go and see it yourself.

Here is when irony begins to give way to frustration. Many of these ‘pacifist’ groups taught then and teach now that the victim who submitted without resistance was good, and the victim who fought back was bad.***

That the victim of gang rape who blew the whistle, ran to the call box, screamed for help, soiled her pants and even vomited on her tits in an effort to discourage sexual assault, and was raped anyway, is somehow morally superior when compared to the victim of attempted rape who used a gun to make sure attempted assault didn’t change to actual assault, even if no shot was fired.

That the mother who surrendered instead of defending her house hold and who watched her children die at the hands of a murderous stranger, was somehow more evolved and just an all around better person.

That the newly widowed mother, confronted with a man breaking into her home, a home invader who kept coming, in spite of declarations that she was talking to 911 and the police were on the way and she had a gun. The mother who ultimately shot and killed the invader after he broke through and gained full access, was in some way less evolved and an inferior person.****

That morally it is better to be a Victim than a Defender.

I try to think of it as “Evolution in Action”

Much of their memetic reservoir can still be traced implicitly, to this delusion. Dig enough and you’ll find blogs and forums that explicitly assert that submission is the foundation of the true and the good. You do have to search a bit, most of the time, aside from the picket sign protests where they can find courage in numbers, they don’t publicly embrace this idiocy. They are finding more and more people that regard their ideological fanaticism as Die Fledermaus Scheisse Verruckt.

That is the annoyance of Natural Selection, it is so very very slow!!!

It becomes more difficult when one of the thankfully rare mass shootings takes place on a Banned Gun Murderer Friendly campus, that has students enrolled and present, who have taken the time and trouble to get an Handgun Carry Permit, who have followed the rules and left their sidearm at home or in their vehicle.

Am I going to claim that such students might have prevented or might have stopped the mass murderer? Of course not, I’ll leave the mights and could’s and the what if’s to pro-mass murder folks.

What I can assert, factually, is that those students who were either shot or in danger of being shot, had one less option to bring to their struggle for survival.

Again I’m not going to play a ‘what if’, ‘might have’, ‘then what’ game about theoretical students and the theoretical threat they theoretically present to Mom and apple pie, to puppies and flutter bys and laughing little children if they theoretically engaged in defensive carry. I don’t have to, THE VICTIMS I’M REFERENCING ALREADY EXIST. Those real instead of imaginary men and women, confronted with the clear and present danger of a murderous psychopath, a violent lunatic who had picked their campus as a good place to kill people, these victims had less options, as a direct consequence of being disarmed. Those victimized, by bullets or splatter, either way it does not matter, were forced into the role of attractivly soft targets, by fanatics who reject the existence of justified violence, a rejection made purely on ideological grounds.

Furthermore those college students were notionally adults, living adult lives, burdened with adult responsibilities such as threat assessment. The immature but still adult may whinge and moan like a 2 year old, he or she is still the ultimate custodian of actions and consequences when making choices about his or her life.

The same is not true of the child. Here is where frustration starts to give way to rage. The child lacks the power and therefore the duty to be made responsible for the task of threat assessment. They are dependent on notionally mature adults for their protection. Sadly our adult population has failed and continues to fail at the task of defending them. We have the knowledge, we have the will, we just don’t have the focus or the ability to institute desperately needed change. Yet

So you might as well get used to the idea of not only dead college students, but dead children, until enough people wake up and realize that helpless submission is a stupid and bound to fail method for protecting valuables from harm

Get used to the death of disarmed adults. Get used to more small body bags, more tiny caskets, more grieving families, more blood on the hands of all Americans.

Openly embracing defenceless and unilateral disarmament as a policy for guarding Americas College Campus or America’s Children is not only insane and ignorantly stupid, it is CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT and will result in more dead college students, more dead little kids.

Until we can show the mass murderers and the spree killers that even if suicide remains easy, mass murder-suicide on grade school grounds or a college campus is impossible as all attempts are stopped before getting started.

But that WON’T be demonstrated, let alone proven, as long as the cutting edge of ‘demand a plan’ policies presented during our ‘reasonable discussion’ about ‘common sense’ gun control remains focused on scary looking rifles and standard capacity magazines, 15 day waiting periods and the rest of the nonsense so beloved by gun banners, in the interim more deaths are Guaran-pocking-teed.

Repeal, Overturn, Get Rid Of, End, Pledge to Ignore, the useless, didn’t work yesterday, won’t work tomorrow, already proven failure Federal Laws already on the books that make defensive carry by law abiding citizens at America’s Public Schools a Federal Felony.

No more dead kids. No more dead college kids, no more dead little kids. We need to do our job. Screw partisanship, screw Hippodrome factionalism, NO MORE DEAD KIDS.

*Don’t be fooled by the revisionist lie, Han Solo shot first!!!

**couldn’t think of a Harry Potter tie-in.

***for reasons I have yet to fully understand the actual assailant creating victims is normally dismissed early from any moral analysis, usually on the grounds that the aggressor has been some how victimized by western oppression and is not responsible for his actions.

****Yes this is a real account, according to the accomplice that ran right into the arms of the law, the 2 men targeted the house for the painkillers and/or other drugs that were up for grabs, seeing as how the husband’s cancer had killed him. The intruder that made it through the door by using a hunting knife to hack at the door and door frame, would not drop it. Would not leave. Wound up dead, game over.