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This post by Stephen Kruiser…


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I started a comment on the youtube page but ran out of room so I decided bolt it, I’d just do a post instead. Anyway ‘Sami’s Story’, found here

is a well done mediapathic presentation being used by the Obama administration and their anti-gun fellow travellers to remove guns from civilian ownership.

My initial comment on the You tube page, aside from edits and continued length is below

Dear Sammi,

Condolences on your loss. I agree that enough is enough. We have to wake up to the reality that helplessness is not an adequate defense against violence and never will be. That instead of wasting time and energy creating propaganda about what ‘might be’ or ‘could happen’, we need to focus on the victims that actually exist.

I’m not arguing that your father or his co-workers would have prevented this tragedy if one or more had opted for defensive carry and had a sidearm readily available.

I’m not asserting that because your father and his co-workers were unarmed that their murders were somehow their fault.

I am saying that if one or more of those murdered that day had been armed, they would have had another choice.

Removing defensive carry from anyplace a mass murderer chooses to attack, means potential victims are limited to the following courses of action.

They can choose running as they attempt to not die.

They can choose hiding as they attempt to not die.

They can attack the killer, bare handed or with improvised weapons, as they attempt not to die.

Defensive carry makes available another chance, another choice in the attempt to not die. It allows the victim of an attack the chance to respond with lethal force at a distance.

I can hear the anti’s clucking. But, But, But ‘what if’ they had shot the wrong person? What if they shot themselves by accident? What if they shot a school bus. What if! What if!! What if!!!

Then the outcome of what happened that day would have been different than what DID happen. Which as you might remember, was the death of Sami’s father and co-workers.

Again Sami I truly am sorry for your loss, and I hope if this blog post impinges on your life that it doesn’t add to your families grief. It can be mentally crippling, in both the emotionally and epistemological sense, to play the coulda, shoulda, woulda, mind games when thinking about your loss. If you find yourself in that downward spiral, I hope you remember you have family and friends and people you have never met, people you never will meet, who care about you and yours. I am not denigrating your political attitudes or activism, I am suggesting remembering your father and his importance to your life as you live yours, instead of the circumstances of his death.

I hope readers of this piece will remember Sami, his family and friends, in their thoughts and prayers. I hope you will remember that those who oppose gun ownership and defensive carry are also victimized by violent crime. In our activism to restore the recognition of our inalienable right to own and carry arms we should not lose sight that in our grief, we are not alone. That others are victimized by those monstrous lies, that weakness is strength, helplessness aids defense, vulnerability creates security, lies become truth. Our struggle is not only for ourselves, but those victims as well.