Back before radio, television, and movies, actors rarely achieved anything close to what  we might today term star power. Those few artists who did achieve star power or a reasonable facsimile anyway were usually composers or painters, sometimes musicians, or performers from the opera or the ballet. Society wasn’t yet rich enough for the high-school drama club or community theatre and those who chose acting as a profession, were regarded with a the respect given to a hairdresser crossed with a prostitute, you might partake of their service but if they started telling you how to run things you would dismiss them, deservedly, as a wackjob and take your patronage  elsewhere.

After watching Hollywoods vampiric elite eager wholesale participation in various schemes to destroy this nation I think it’s time we brought those days around again.
How you may ask?

Go rent Hancock with Will Smith, one with the behind the scenes commentary. Watch how they built the ‘digital’ Will.

Rent and watch Simone for further exploration of the concept.

It’s time to bring on the age of the computer generated actor. The software and computing power are available. All it needs is the kind of talent that created this

Without having the expense of flesh and blood actors production costs should be a fraction of the cost today.
Let’s return today’s ‘stars’ to the social class people who lie for a living truly deserve.

You want political power, you want to change the way things are done? Run for office like everybody else.

How’s that for a plan?