I woke up at Alchemy’s Alcove this morning. It took me a minute to figure out that I was in fact in Oklahoma, not Texas. Heard from an old friend out of the blue. Think I’m going to try to make some coffee again, maybe watch an episode of Lexx.

While I’m waiting for the coffee to steep, here is some good music I’ve been meaning to link.

This comes from the good offices of John Ringo who has mentioned this song in several of his works, the one I’m reading now is Vorpal Blade which reminded me.

The following in an extension of the series Firefly opening theme song which is both entirely cool and way to short. Hmmmmm next time you have a series Joss make sure the song is longer. Anyway some incredibly talented human(s) put a front and a back to the Firefly theme and made Mal’s Song.