[Edited: 2013.MAY.14]

I forgot about this, better late than never.

I have discovered that what I ‘knew’ about the role of firearms  in the liberation of Black Americans isn’t accurate.

Supporters of the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to progressive political activist and actor Danny Glover. During a recent speech at a university Mr. Glover pointed out the historical truth that armed men and women can not be enslaved. That in fact the only way slavery can exist is if  slave owners have weapons while slaves are disarmed. Thank you Mr. Glover, your support of the 2nd amendment and our inalienable civil right to own and carry arms, should go a long way in cleansing the karmic burden you acquired participating in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ franchise

And for a different (and historically justifiable) take on the NRA

Turns out the NRA wasn’t formed to help newly freed Black Americans but rather to improve the marksmanship of Americans in general.

The reports I have found so far about the NRA supporting minorities  [2013.MAY.14] concern the role of the NRA creating chapters and shooting clubs composed of Black Americans during the later civil rights movements in the 1960’s. In turn those Black Americans used firearms to protect their homes, churches, and meeting places from the KKK and the police forces providing the KKK cover. Once the KKK found out their prey had ‘teeth’, KKK drive by’s decreased significantly.

In the end it’s a wash, as the statements by both Mr Glover and Mr. Alford still present the truth that it is impossible to enslave armed persons.

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I still love the intranets=)