you tell the story of your friend of slight stature with a gun,.

no matter the weapon used,.. carrying one leads often to behaviors of bravado and aggression one would not take without said weapon to give them this attitude of false strength,..

if perhaps the world was educated and understood the failings of arming themselves ,these acts of aggression would not include a weapon and thus many lives might be saved,. where it is the human condition to be in conflict at times,.. in today’s world it has been taught though social acceptance and ignorance that all conflicts can be settled with a weapon or a gun ,..

in your story you side with our “friend” ,..from the other persons story perhaps he viewed carrying the knife as for of protection as you do you friend does,.. everybody protecting themselves added to teh idea,. well if anybody gives me any problem ill just pull a weapon leads to these situations,.. what if the knife behind his back was gun in his belt,.. both carrying weapons,. both willing to kill somebody ,.. both ego’s falsely pumped up because of a weapon at easy reach,..and then sadly both with the excuse to cause harm,.. well he had a gun!!!! i had to shoot him !!!!

i lived through a period of life in Miami in the 80’s where almost everybody had a weapon,.. it was not safer ,.. and i could count the bodies on my way to work each day ,.. killings over petty arguments , imagined disrespects,..and even over somebody stepping on somebody’s new white shoes took place every day ,..
i have survived the world the gun advocate wishes to create on a national level,who says a well armed society is a polite society.. it is not what they claim it to be nor ever could be.


I agree if the people where better educated things would be different, but I must protest the assumption that owning and/or carrying arms is a failure. You recognize that humans live surrounded by and engaged in conflict, but still assert that removing weapons from the inevitable conflicts would lead to less damage?

Lethal force is lethal force, from the fist, the boot, the stone, the rod, the knife, the ax, the sword, or the gun, or, or, or, does…not….matter…. lethal force is lethal force, there can be no falsity when there is existence. How does your disarmament scenario lead anywhere but the ancestral environment when the strongest and most ruthless became king?

I will leave the rest of the world for a latter time, but in terms of the changes that have occurred in the United States of America over the last 30 years or so, we have been taught by societal activism and wisdom that when conflict leads to an attack with lethal force, that lethal force is the only suitable defense. We have also learned that for most conflicts lethal force is needless. Which is why we have civil lawsuits and mediation by private groups. Armed conflict between organizations is a thing of the past in the U.S. The closest we come is the petty wars of the outright criminal kleptocratic oligarchies.

But there is a huge difference between my friend and his notional assailant.
Stabby, my nickname for knife guy, could have told himself that he carried a knife for defensive use, he could have told his friends that he carried his knife for self-defense. But the reality is, he started a conflict and escalated that conflict into lethal force territory. The data shows that if a knife wielding attacker is within 21 feet, and if your weapon is still holstered, if he charges you are going to get stabbed.

If Stabby is honest he doesn’t get to start his narrative at, “this guy pulled a gun on me”.
Stabby starts with, “This guy (apparently) pissed me off so I, Stabby, followed him home and when he stopped his car I, Stabby, jumped out of my truck and walked towards him with a scowl on my face and a knife behind my back” and THEN he can say “this guy pulled a gun on me”.

My friends story, both times, starts with, “Huh, I wonder if this truck is following me, OK I’m home and the strange truck has parked behind me, hey why did this angry looking guy get out of his truck, why is he walking up on me with his hand behind his back, crap gotta draw and aim, OK guy has stopped, OK he does have a knife in his hand, crap he’s closer than 21 feet, but he is not advancing so tell him to drop the knife, OK he did, tell him to get in his truck and get out of here OK he did….
HOLY CRAP I almost got knifed!!!!!

I understand your assertion that carrying a gun is an ego trip and makes a person more aggressive than he might normally be. But assertion isn’t proof. My personal experience, as well as the responses from the gun forums tell a different story.
When asked this question, How much training would be necessary to get a newbie past any “Dirty Harry I’m a Complete Badass cause I Got A Gun Phase”.
Paraphrasing different responses leads to the following statement.

“Carrying a lethal weapon does not make you more aggressive, it makes you more cautious”.

Here is a big difference between my peers in the gun culture and your hypothetical gun person, we do not say, “if anybody gives me a problem, I’ll just pull my gun”.

We say, and more importantly act from the position “if anybody assaults me and/or mine with lethal force, then I must and I will respond with lethal force.

I understand some people judge all violence to be evil, but there is a ‘qualitative’ difference between initiating force, and defending against force.

As to your personal experience in Miami, research the Mariel boat lift. About the different groups that came over, where did they live while in Cuba, what was their work history, what kinds of lifestyle did they adopt there and here.

I have read arguments asserting President Carter should have been impeached for his disastrous policies re: Cuba and Florida. Ironically, in this context, Florida became one of the pioneer’s of defensive carry, largely because of their horrible, asylum for violent criminals induced crime wave.

I really am curious, have you ever hung out with ‘gun culture people”? I have found over and over that without some general first hand experience, of guns, gun stores, gun ranges, gun people, that newbies can believe the craziest things.

Part of the problem, actually a huge part of the problem, is that realistic usage is never shown (99.99999%) in a movie and/or on television. To the point that if you sat down with a pad and pen, and recorded all the characteristics that popular media portrays when it shows any gun usage. Then figured out what the exact opposite of that portrayal would be, you would be pretty close to truth. Sadly, print media isn’t much better.

In an ideal world things would be different, but we don’t live in an ideal world, we live in this one. Here, when the lion lays down with the lamb, he gets lamb chops. The Mice who voted to bell The Cat, might as well have voted themselves into becoming Rodents of Unusual Size  as well, attempting to live by either delusion means they end up in the cat’s tummy.

Perhaps you have spent much of your life in cultures where machismo is a prevalent social construct. The ability to admit ignorance, or lack of skill, is a pretty big part of joining the gun culture. People addicted to bragging, denigrating safety, behaving recklessly, or any other acts typical of those insecure with their masculinity, are 99.99999% of the time ‘shunned’ or otherwise asked to leave. Violating range safety is probably the most common reason, fortunately it is also the easiest to master, so you can get another chance.
I would like to point out that a Range Boss telling a shooter he isn’t welcome to the range until he learns safety, is by default a confrontation between 2 or more armed individuals. Nevertheless murders at gun ranges are extremely rare, and virtually always premeditated. The number of gun range murders from the ‘heat of passion’ is so rare as to be indistinguishable from standard rate of deviance in terms of statistical error.

Our goal as gun advocates is not as you believe the creation of a polite society, we are creating a defended society. Unless you include criminal violence under the rubric of rudeness

My personal experience is that an overwhelming majority of the people who engage in defensive carry, engage in DEFENSIVE carry. We are not thrill seekers, we do not love violence, we aren’t trying to compensate for a smaller than average phallus.

It’s just, we have made our peace with reality, that we live in a zero sum cosmos. That the biological activity that we label ‘predation’ is going to occur whether we believe in it or not.
We choose not to be prey.

The good news is that our way is working=)
Go out and look at the numbers, it takes a bit of research to find the reports but both the CDC and the FBI numbers say the same thing.
As more guns are manufactured and sold, as more people become gun owners, as more and more states adopt defensive carry, violent crime decreases.

Examining anti-gun assertions is often troubling, most of the arguments put out by anti-gun groups, contain unacknowledged probability.
Listen to or read the statements of movers and shakers of the anti-gun campaigns, you will see variations of, the more guns a society has, the more likely people will get shot.
Or, if we accept “this segment’ of the population owning guns,

or if we no longer ban guns from this place, then this is a list of all the bad stuff that might happen if those guns are used for evil purposes.

While these statements are logically true, they are also incomplete, and ultimately meaningless. These predictive assertions always seem to lack numeracy. If you can’t put a number on that might, or could, or likely, or greater chance…
What is technically a truth becomes a misleading lie.

I think the main thing I want to say is, be of good cheer! Yes the world remains an unfriendly dangerous place, where innocence is typically not sufficient defense.
But an adult emotional life is more rewarding than a less than adult one.

What do I mean by adult, or rather what do adults do?
Adults accept death, no matter what we do, it will happen.
Adults accept duty, adults make the hard decisions and acknowledge the unpalatable truths. Adults plan for tomorrow, adults take ownership of their lives.

There is grave injustice, horrifying events, unnecessary pain occurring and reoccurring on a daily basis, heck happening every minute of every day on this planet.

Progress is possible, we humans, measuring for both quantitative and qualitative differences, are better off than ever before in human history, in terms of health, wealth, love and joy in terms of new opportunities

We have incredible challenges facing us, stuff that would have scared and scarred our ancestors, things they wouldn’t have the first clue about handling.

But we are around to face our challenges because they faced theirs, with lethal force if that was their best option
We humans are not perfect, we may be in fact non-perfectible.
That is not a good enough reason to excuse us from the struggle.

Every person we recruit into adulthood is a victory, every person we lose is a tragedy, but not a defeat……
we will never surrender.

Until we no longer need Waco vs Romanian Rules!

Keep your powder dry baby!!

Molon Labe!!!