…they are done. This type of thing is why.

Haven’t posted in awhile partly…well there is the name of this blog, and also from my health plan schedule getting a little off track. But a friend just clued me in to the news reports about the Assault Weapons Ban, more correctly known as the ban against Scary Looking Rifles* stating the measure will not be included in the Senates Gun Control Legislation that the Socfacprogs hope to sneak by us.

.Excuse the slop, I’m not firing on all cylinders today. Just a note Diane to say neener, neener, neener, your done.

The Feinsteinian Monster you assembled from the pieces left over from you and your fellow travellers hacking apart the ideals and principals of the Constitutional government you swore to uphold, that monster is in the open, and it has your name. To many people know about the pain and damage your hubris has created attempting to play God

Your intended victims have found you out, have found their voice, they will not sit quietly by as you bath your wrinkled carcass in the blood of the hundreds of thousands of people your policies and legislation condemned to the helpless victimization of violent  assault, rape, torture, and death.

Can you hear them? The shouts of your victims and their families getting louder. Do you see the flickering lights? The candles of the vigils held to mourn the senseless loss and pain suffered by the people your laws disarmed.

I guess in the end it doesn’t matter, whether you understand or not. The important thing is that enough people understand, you aren’t qualified, either ethically or practically, to make important decisions about how we live our lives, and so your days are coming to an end. Your removal from the ranks means we are yet another step closer to the day.

Until we no longer need live under Waco vs. Romanian Rules!

Keep your powder dry baby!!

Molon Labe!!!



*The assault weapons ban restricted cosmetics, not how the rifles actually worked. So they tried to ban by appearance, which meant between two functionally identical rifles, one would be banned because it had scary looking ‘accessories’, and the other rifle lacking any banned ‘accessories’ wasn’t. Useless nonsense attempting to spread FUD, since criminal usage of rifles is beyond low. I’m tired, so look it up yourself, remember search engines are our friends=)