A prevalent meme of those who hate gun owners and defensive carry is the prediction that the mere presence of a gun guarantees blood shed. As political activists strive to pass laws protecting defensive carry by citizens and overturning the laws giving state actors a monopoly on lethal force, our opponents predict blood in the street. Fender benders sparking massacres, shoot outs over parking spaces, gun battles at the salad bar. Then over and over the gun haters predictions fail to come true. Violent crimes drop, blood remains unshed. Since their predictions haven’t come true, over and over and over again, defensive carry activists have tuned the anti’s out instead of trying to figure out why their forecasts never come to pass.

Attitude and perspective. The answer is that simple. We engage in defensive carry. Our sidearms are not there to help us get good parking spaces or to punish someone because they hit our car. We don’t carry to edge out our competitors for the freshest lettuce.We carry to provide ourselves the option of an effective defense in response to violent assault.

This philosophy is reflected in our training, we don’t train to kill, we train to stop the threat. That attitude is the crucial difference. It informs our perception of our environment, we don’t carry in a hunt for prey. The focus of defensive carry is assessing and responding to life threatening acts. When there are no threats, there is no violence.

This explains why every year this country has more new guns, more new gun owners, more defensive carry permits, and less violent crime.

Defensive carry is qualitatively different in terms of intent, when compared to carry aiding commission of violent crime.

That quality is the difference that makes a difference.