So I’m reading this April Fools satire piece by Alec Macgillis in the New Republic about how Congress Critters shouldn’t pay attention to the people who elected them, but instead…

…what’s that?…This isn’t an April Fools Joke?….OH come ON, I know there are mental cretins all over the media landscape but no one is stupid enough to suggest Senators should ignore their constituents. in favor of whatever flavor of the mon…..What’s that?

……The New Republic is a fac/soc/prog vehicle?….well maulk, fooled again

I hate censorship, but this kind of nonsense has me reconsidering the  Truth in Advertising arguments.

Here’s the thing Alec, in the free world, typified by the notional Constitutionally Bounded Democratic Republic version we are running here in the U.S., elected officials are supposed to listen to the people who elected them. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

The reason we oppose your ‘common sense, reasonable, adult, gun control policies’ isn’t just because they don’t accomplish anything useful.

It isn’t because the only thing  your policies do accomplish is to discriminate against the poor. Who are arguably the most vulnerable segment of our population who have a heightened need for defensive carry.

It isn’t just the lowered morale the dashing of the false hope your media efforts promise but can’t deliver.

It isn’t the waste of time and resources consumed by the pursuit of your ideological goals.


We are becoming weary of taking the blame when the false hope you promote fails.

Every single one of your anti-gun propositions has already been shown to not make any difference in curbing violent crime or is to stupid to implement in the first place.

And while I’m here, let me just point out that a big reason people neither trust or like you fascist/socialist/progressive types is that you want to change the rules anytime your factions aren’t winning.

If you want to sit at the adults table, you need to learn some manners, muzzle your ignorance and your arrogance and listen for a change, you might learn something.