My evil twin scoppy just sent me a letter he emailed to Senator Coburn.

Dear Sir, I have just finished reading your statement published under the title “Why I’m fighting to protect gun rights” in the Right Now page on your website, and I have some questions and concerns.

I have seen stories that claim the vast majority of the guns used by violent criminals in the commission of a violent crime are either stolen from family and friends, or bought on the black market. I’m curious to know what your research shows.

Specifically, how many of the guns used by “illegal aliens, drug traffickers, child molesters, rapists, felons, members of al Qaeda cells and mentally-deranged persons” in the commission of terrorism, violent crimes, mass murders, etc, were acquired from the ‘above ground’, ‘law abiding’ market place? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, why do believe your bill will deny them arms? I’m curious either way. Also, how does your bill handle identity theft?

You quite possibly picked the worst example to illustrate your point, in claiming your system would work like the ‘no fly’ list.
As in the, “a government agent can place you on a list without a hearing, refuse to let you determine if you are on the list until you show up at the airport (or gun show?), and deny you any recourse to remove your name, or even to find out why you are so listed”, ‘no fly’ list? If your proposal eliminates these problems you might want to alert the TSA and DHS to see if your solution will work there also.

Seriously, no tongue in cheek, my biggest concern, how much additional burden on the law abiding is your legislation going to add to the practice of owning and carrying guns?

I understand that citizens can’t always have things their way, if only because we have differing views, opinions, appetites and needs. That sometimes compromises must be made.  However if I’m required to sell part of my civil liberties and/or inalienable rights to own and carry guns, to keep on good terms with my neighbors and/or fellow citizens, I would like to get my moneys worth. If your legislation greatly hampers the law abiding, without greatly affecting the ease with which “illegal aliens, drug traffickers, child molesters, rapists, felons, members of al Qaeda cells and mentally-deranged persons”, acquire firearms, and/or you are unable to answer the questions I’ve posed, then I respectfully request that you pull your bill from consideration until you have done the necessary research.

Sincerely redacted