Senator Chuck Schumer shows an incredible ability to vocalize  stupidity. My recent favourite, discussing an amendment authorizing reciprocal carry is

“Police officers wouldn’t know who’s carrying and who isn’t,” a beautifully illogical statement, as if there is a neon sign over the head of every citizen blinking on and off displaying their armed / unarmed status, which would be turned off when reciprocity passes.A close runner up is “To allow criminals to go to other states, get a permit for concealed carry, and then carry their guns concealed here is outrageous.”

I mean where do you start? Pointing out that criminals rarely seek to obey the law? That a felony conviction is a ‘Do not pass Go’ when it comes to buying a gun, and at least in my state is an automatic disqualification in issuing a Carry Handgun License? 

That a CHL does not render the bearer immune to arrest, trial, and sentencing for any and all criminal acts, whether a gun is used or not?

He also plays the mighta, coulda, whatifa card by claiming that

“…Times Square could become a new OK Corral.” It won’t. It hasn’t happened in the 40 states where shall issue laws have been enacted.

Read this for my analysis

He then uses the support the police by building a more effective police state by claiming. “…our police don’t need even law abiding citizens having the right to carry guns”.

Although he doesn’t provide any reason for his assertion. Besides, given the number of times private citizens engaging in defensive carry have come to the aid of a LEO his claim is documentably untrue. Assuming Police Officers ‘need’ to stay alive.

I look forward to future insanity, although I will be happiest when these irrational if entertaining statements aren’t coming out of the mouth of a Unites States Congressman.