As I write this it has been 142 days since the attack in Newtown.

142 days and the statutes that make it a federal felony to carry on school grounds have yet to be overturned. Law abiding principles, teachers, and other school staff who have made the effort to get a Carry Handgun License cannot legally carry on the job. So public schools remain soft targets, which means we are 142 days closer to the next psychotic killer who picks a school as the safest place to commit his atrocity.

142 days closer to more blood stained classrooms and more little bodies going into the ground. And leftist politicians and the pre-internet media that panders to them dares assert they have the high moral ground? They are wasting our time trying to ban ‘assault’ rifles, when about twice as many people are beaten to death each year with fists and feet than are murdered with a rifle shot! They are seeking to reduce magazine size under the dubious theory that changing magazines gives people a chance to jump a mass murderer! They won’t admit there are already hundreds of gun control laws that don’t make a lick of difference!

They are using the deaths of innocents to promote the failed policy of giving state actors a monopoly on force. They would rather see more dead kids and school staff than admit a citizen who practices defensive carry is the only real counter to a violent criminal with a gun. It just makes sense they whine, that more guns means more gun violence. As if all gun violence is identical, and violence used in defense of a life is the moral equivalent of the aggressive violence seeking to take it.

Do they really believe that allowing the principal at the Sandy Hook Elementary School the option of being armed would have put her students in more danger? That if the teachers and staff of our public schools had been armed when their school was targeted by a murderous lunatic, those hero’s that put their lives on the line to buy their students more time, if those brave men and women had the choice to carry arms, it would have made the situation worse? Would put innocent lives in even more danger?


Does anyone expect people to believe that?

I sure as hell don’t.

So we are 142 days closer to the next time, and there will be a next time, as long as the media colludes with politicians to make sure law abiding citizens who practice defensive carry are subject to the same gun control laws that an armed predator ignores while hunting easy prey.

142 days, and counting.