I’ve been doing the dozens with this gerbil on a youtube video comments page & it finally got to the point that my response wouldn’t fit into the 500 character limit

I posted 2 pieces as comments but decided to post the rest here so I wouldn’t take up an insane amount of room [I may have been a little tardy in that regard] & edited for flow & punctuation =)

How do you do this day after day?
Twist words, lie, deflect & defame
Respond to simple requests with insult, innuendo & irrelevancy
This thread started 3 weeks ago with your lie that Mr Whittle said 100 lives saved for every life lost & “Goebbels would be proud” snark
Your next lie was claiming Mr Whittle said 12 Million Germans.
Over 21 comments, 12 by you & 9 by others & you’ve told the 12mil German lie 4 times & made some really bizarre claims about the effectiveness of guns held by state actors & the ineffectiveness of guns held by private citizens, as well as pretending every tyrannical assault was a unique occurrence.
In the real world once the Jews figured out what was happening many did fight back & if nothing else tied up resources the Nazi’s desperatly needed elsewhere Which is the focus of VirtPrez metaphor re: leopards & gazelles, dangerous prey impedes predation, whether on the savanah or in the ghetto, the principle is the same
Then you pretend tyranny only describes taxation without represintation, take a pot shot at the ‘Tea Party’
claim the war for independence was about money, which means the revolution was really an inssurection, & the whole tyranny thing is a misrepresitntaion of history by lying American history writers
Then you make a pump fake & admit the revolution would not have been possible without guns but immediately segue into the America didn’t mean freedom & justice for all, because slavery existed & also there’s Vietnam. Poor people going bankrupt from falling ill & dozens of 1st graders shot in the head all to prove that America sucks.
Then you revisit the whole tyranny is only taxation without representation again, next (for maximum confusion) you reference a different thread where you claim that England is a republic. A claim you made to dismiss the American experiment that claimed legitimate government power derives from the consent of it’s citizens as EQUALS. An equality you ignore so you can claim the only people who could vote were wealthy land owners (which is untrue except for a few places in the very beginning) so you can assert that American governance was no different from the British
A claim that ignores the Brits division between noblemen & commoners, which again is the division we rebelled against in favor of equality under the law.