Another mass murderer shoots up  a gun free zone, a schizs who slipped through the system brought a shotgun to the Naval Yard & killed 12 defenseless people who were denied their right to Own & Carry a firearm for self-defense

Tamara Tabo writing for the Above the Law blog has called for more & better mental health screening, finding better drugs with less dangerous side effects as well as more effective laws denying the mentally ill the right to Own & Carry arms

I’m not going to go into a big long rant about all the defects those solutions contain

I’m just asking, can’t we please try the common sense solution? Anyone who wants to own & carry firearms for self-defense should be allowed to (absent any disqualifications from laws already on the books) We already have Laws in place to cover who can own & carry guns, & the circumstances under which fire-arms can be legitimately & legally used  & under what circumstances usage is forbidden & criminal

Just one simple change is all it takes, an experiment of sorts, give lawful citizens the choice to practice defensive carry if they want to, give them a 3rd option to add to “run & try not to die” & “hide & try not to die”. Given the number of defenceless people who have been murdered in this country in ‘Gun Free Zones’ it’s hard to see any other viable option

It’s the simplest common sense solution, please lets try it!