I’ve pretty much stopped watching Television in favor of the internet but I have a DVR now & have been saving South Park episodes. Sometimes I forget to fast forward through the commercials which has raised some questions about the sanity of some corporations P.R. Departments

Starting with Burger King’s commercial for their free small coffee, which get’s you your own guitarist & back up singers.
What would you get with a free LARGE coffee, a 10′ phallus & your own private jet stocked with roofied Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?

Then there is the Doritos commercial, which shows the promise of nacho cheese flavored corn chips is all you need to turn big hairy macho men into dainty gowned pretend tea drinking dancing transvestites.

The most disturbing however is from¬† Taco Bell. Why do you need portable nachos? Well if the parents of the under age chick your banging come home early….