If you read SF/F you might be aware of a flame war being conducted online about the Hugo Awards.

This is an award from Worldcon, its former recipients are giants in the field.

And people who consider themselves ‘rational’ science-fiction fans are losing their scheisse all over the place.

Not that this is surprising, the petty little feuds among the various groups of local fans is the biggest part of the reason I stopped going to SF Cons in the 1st place.

But still, if you are going to engage in Hippodrome factionalism couldn’t you at least refrain from the critical thinking fails famously characterized by the Salem Witch Trials?

I’m not going to do a “from my viewpoint” summation at this time, maybe later.

I do want to point out that if people spent half as much time actually listening to the other side that they spend demonizing the other side, a lot of the really stupid stuff wouldn’t ever see the light of day.