I was recently informed that it’s the availability of firearms in the U.S. that produced the tragedy in a church in S.C., when Nameless Scumbag shot up a bible study.

If my Gunsmithing I instructor is correct….

…then at 85 guns per 100 people there are approximately 280,500,000 in the U.S.

There are approx. 10,000 gun homicides a year.

Stupidly assuming 1 gun per homicide that means only 0.0036% or thirty-six ten thousandths of a percent of guns are used for homicide.

Except of course that some guns are used to kill more than one person, so the number of homicide guns is LESS THAN 0.0036% or thirty-six ten thousandths of a percent.

Which means more than 99.9964% of guns ARE NOT used for homicide.

So if access to guns ‘produce’ U.S. gun homicides, the question becomes, why do these guns ‘produce’ so few?

See I don’t think guns produce homicides*, anymore than matches produce arsons, or home video cameras produce kiddie porn.

I think evil/predatory people produce gun homicides.

And I think these evil/predatory people are aided and abetted by stupid people, because the kind of stupidity needed to believe guns produce homicides is the same kind of stupidity that believes black skin produces violent criminals and white skin produces privilege.

Which then leads stupid people to invent racism, and all the nonsense that goes with it.

To stop racially motivated attacks, we must stop racism, which means we must stop stupidity.

Except that stupid people can’t be stopped from being stupid, the best we can hope for is to point out their stupidity, in the hopes that non-stupid people will wake up and understand the dysfunctional world view these stupid people produce.

So we can concentrate on fixing the real problems, which mathematically speaking, isn’t access to guns.

*Which is to bad in a way, because if the gun produces the crime, that would mean that the guns in the hands of Law abiding citizens also produce the 500,000 plus Defensive Gun Uses a year. Guns protecting 500,000 people at the cost of 10,000 lives isn’t optimal, but it is better than the alternative.