You can E-mail me at murphaticlaw at gmail dot com

I will read comments and emails and respond when appropriate.

However I cannot promise I will do so in a timely manner, hence the name of this blog.

I started this blog in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

Having been a member of various counter-cultures and a magnet for cognitive dissonance for most of my life, I have long known the Mainstream Media product is 99% spin with a smidgen of actual news. It is hard for me to sustain anger about their propaganda since I don’t expect much honesty or truth from that quarter.

Newtown broke something in me. I had made my peace, I thought, with the existence of Evil that I couldn’t really do anything about. I knew that on the other side of the world there are little 9 year old girls who are being ‘married’ to new ‘temporary husbands’. Their prior ‘husbands’ having recently ‘divorced’ them after the ‘honeymoon’. Here in the western world their usually a few years older and we call them hookers instead of wives, then label the problem as ‘Human Trafficking’, before changing the channel.

There are still cultures that permit slavery, and support execution by stoning or beheadings. Other places use an electric chair, a gas chamber or lethal injection.

The vulgar xenophobia of racialism still exists.

Much of the world is mired in conflicts based on ridiculous twaddle that exists solely in the minds of the combatants.

Superstition, Insanity, Starvation, Murder, Rape, Poverty, Disease, Corruption, Tyranny, these and a host of other ills still exist in our world. The people who yell the loudest and seem passionately compelled to make a difference, are mostly dumber than a box of rocks. Their efforts to ‘fix’ our worlds problems, based on arrogant ignorance and an inability for rational thought, create a multitude of new problems with every ‘solution’ they devise.

Life sucks get a helmet.

“That which can be destroyed by truth, should be”.

P.C. Hodgell

I’m not a genius, merely a reader engaged in an avid, ruthless, sometimes obsessive search for the predictive power of truth.

I’m tired of the waste of resources, the needless deaths of the stupid and those unfortunate’s they take with them. I’m tired of seeing the same old lies, about guns, drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Tired of yesterdays failures being offered as bright new solutions for today….

The last thing found in Pandora’s Box was hope. It’s not all doom and gloom, I created this blog not only with the forlorn hope of creating some counter balance to all the F.U.D, Hippodrome Factionalism, and misinformation that is continuously pumped into the Noosphere. But also as a convenient clearing house for reports of the success and new possibilities we own and create here in the 21st Century.

Until we no longer need Waco vs Romanian Rules!

Keep your powder dry baby!!

Molon Labe!!!



         DON’T PANIC!                       DON’T WORRY!                        BE HAPPY!


blog’s technical details. The picture came with the template I found for free from WordPress. I played around with the colours of the background and the text until I found one I liked (so far anyway). I really haven’t looked at any of the features that are available.


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