The Pragmatics of Patriotism

Today our nation is encouraged to remember and celebrate the deaths of those brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country. Some may question the term ‘celebrate’ but that is the greatest honour we can give this day. Looking at the world outside our borders shows us what happens to a people poor in courage, lacking in love, and unwilling to pay the price civilization demands. I realize that many will be unable to understand the phrases and terms above, to the point of being nonsensical, as the meanings and connotations of the various terms have been co-opted, or distorted by those who hate these memes and by the indifference of those who don’t understand why they should care.

A benefit inherent in written language is that we don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel. In a different work the Grandmaster wrote “Basic truths cannot change and once a man of insight expresses one of them it is never necessary, no matter how much the world changes, to reformulate them.”

With that in mind…

Just a little over 40 years ago, on 1973.APR.05,  Robert Heinlein delivered the James Forrestal Memorial Lecture to the Brigade of Midshipmen at his alma mater the United States Naval Academy. As the first half of the lecture, at the request of the midshipmen, he discussed freelance writing. This is the second half:


In this complex world, science, the scientific method, and the consequences of the scientific method are central to everything the human race is doing and to wherever we are going. If we blow ourselves up we will do it by the misapplication of science; if we manage to keep from blowing ourselves up, it will be through intelligent application of science. Science fiction is the only form of fiction which takes into account this central force in our lives and futures. Other sorts of fiction, if they notice science at all, simply deplore it — an attitude very chic in the anti-intellectual atmosphere today. But we will never get out of the mess we are in by wringing our hands.

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Murphy’s 8 Laws for Firearm Safety

1) ALWAYS treat ALL GUNS “as if” the gun is LOADED.



4) NEVER put your FINGER ON the TRIGGER until READY to FIRE

5) NEVER use a gun AGAINST another PERSON except in cases of IMMEDIATE DEFENCE.

6) ALWAYS make sure your FIREARMS are SECURE before ALTERING your MENTAL state.

7) NEVER let a gun LEAVE your CONTROL without CLEARING it first

8) ALWAYS seek instruction BEFORE handling an UNFAMILIAR Firearm.

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142 days

As I write this it has been 142 days since the attack in Newtown.

142 days and the statutes that make it a federal felony to carry on school grounds have yet to be overturned. Law abiding principles, teachers, and other school staff who have made the effort to get a Carry Handgun License cannot legally carry on the job. So public schools remain soft targets, which means we are 142 days closer to the next psychotic killer who picks a school as the safest place to commit his atrocity.

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Senator Chuck Schumer shows an incredible ability to vocalize  stupidity. My recent favourite, discussing an amendment authorizing reciprocal carry is

“Police officers wouldn’t know who’s carrying and who isn’t,” a beautifully illogical statement, as if there is a neon sign over the head of every citizen blinking on and off displaying their armed / unarmed status, which would be turned off when reciprocity passes. Continue reading

When will I ever learn?

I wrote a response to a Washington Post OP-ED commentary section without verifying that I would be able to post it. I don’t want to reply enough to subscribe to the WaPo, but I also don’t want to trash the piece, so I decided to post it here. The article from 2013.APR.11 is currently linked to here.

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Best April Fool’s Joke I’ve heard in years

So I’m reading this April Fools satire piece by Alec Macgillis in the New Republic about how Congress Critters shouldn’t pay attention to the people who elected them, but instead…

…what’s that?…This isn’t an April Fools Joke?….OH come ON, I know there are mental cretins all over the media landscape but no one is stupid enough to suggest Senators should ignore their constituents. in favor of whatever flavor of the mon…..What’s that?

……The New Republic is a fac/soc/prog vehicle?….well maulk, fooled again

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Once upon a time…

…there was a man named Robert Anson Heinlein. Much of  today’s world is built on the scaffolding he discovered/provided in the short stories and novels he wrote. He understood the human nature and had the clear sight. Heinlein championed courage, beauty, kindness, love and honour. He had that rare vision that allows one to see the evil and not be blinded by hate, and see the good and not be blinded by love. His greatest fault perhaps was being to optimistic in his opinion of mankind. It is rare to find a person meeting the standards portrayed by a Heinlein protagonist. This is what, in my opinion, has attracted the ire of a certain ‘class’ of people. Continue reading

My dog has no nose

There are comments on my blog. However wordpress thinks the comments are spam, so I’m not getting excited. One of the comments did remind me I never got around to the ‘about’ page. I will check the rest anon.

Ok, Polish lawyers are spamming my blog with advertisements? Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

I had a quick post in  mind when I signed into my blog, I just can’t remember what is was going to be about=). I’m still to young to be having Senior Moments